To: POP Editor
Subject: Half-baked: addressed

For Carlos Kennedy (letters November, 2007),

RAW is not a rage. It is another way of capturing and image, an uncompressed image that, yes, requires post work. It is not just for “serious” photographers as you so eloquently put it, but for anyone who is a photographer both amateur and professional, though I think there is a fine line between the two now a days. You seem to think, or at least the impression you give is that basic photographic essentials are not required to make a photograph in RAW.

You will learn as you grow in the field of photography that the “essentials” you mention are vital no matter how you record your image, whether JPEG, RAW, or film. Even though you do the best that you can when recording that image in the camera you will find that you will have to do some post production to fine tune that image. I don’t know if they still teach film photography anymore but it would be good to learn the basics of that form of photography and I think you will come to appreciate how good you have it with digital. There is absolutely nothing wrong with JPEG, but those of us who shoot RAW understand the difference between the two and don’t mind spending the time with the added post production. So please, don’t think that the ones who shoot RAW disregard the essentials, we don’t! And please don’t knock RAW until you try it.

Dave Lake
Clinton, Utah