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I try to see as many portfolios and talk to as many photographers as I can, but I never feel like I’m meeting as many as I should. (I have some other chores that need tending…like putting out American Photo magazine.) But over the course of a month I may have 10 or so photographers come to the office to show their work. I thought that start showcasing some of the work here too.
So…here you see a couple of images by Jason Florio, who was born in London but since 1996 has been based in that great city called Brooklyn. Jason has shot all over the world, for the New Yorker and other magazines, as you can see on his website. The project that caught my eye, however, was shot right down the block from his apartment. (Attention all young photographers: Do Not Overlook Your Back Yard.) He noticed a sign for a local gun club, and, intrigued, asked to look at the place. Turns out it is the oldest gun club in New York. It took him quite a while to convince the members to let him photograph inside. You never know what amazing things are just around the corner.
–David Schonauer