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Just saw this story about Angelina Jolie, who as you’ll see in my previous post ranks fourth on the list of celebrities that sell magazines. Anyway, it seems that In Touch Weekly had a story ready for this week’s issue stating that Angie had gained weight, possibly because she was pregnant. However, she was then snapped by a paparazzi wearing a “midriff-baring” tank top, and in the pictures she looked really skinny._ In Touch_ did what any self-respecting celebrity-gossip mag would…it bought up all the skinny photos so no other weekly could run them. Then the magazine cropped the photos to hid Angie’s flat tummy. So far this is nothing that magazines haven’t always done to protect their stories. But here’s the great part: In Touch says the paparazzi pix show that Jolie has indeed gained 10 pounds…in her boobs. Okay, everyone: What do we think? Is she or isn’t she?
–David Schonauer