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A BBC documentary that misrepresented an encounter between Queen Elizabeth and Annie Leibovitz has claimed another career. In the latest fallout a BBC executive has resigned following an investigation of the making of the documentary. Go here for the details.
As we reported earlier, the controversy began when Leibovitz, queen of American photography, photographed the queen of England for an exhibition that coincided with Queen Elizabeth’s trip to the United States last spring. A documentary crew recording the portrait session, including the moment when Leibovitz told with queen she might look better without her tiara. The documentary then cut to a shot of the queen walking through Buckingham Palace, saying, “I’m not changing anything. I’ve had enough dressing up like this, thank you very much.” The implication was that Leibovitz had offended the queen, who then stormed out of the session. In fact, the clip of her walking through the palace was shot before the portrait session.
Some people think the BBC was trying to make Queen Elizabeth look bad. I think it’s more likely they were trying to make the famous photographer from the colonies look rude. Apparently the two queens got along quite well, however. And the portraits? Regally beautiful.
–David Schonauer