Don’t you love it when you happen upon a little article somewhere that ends up putting you unknowingly a little ahead of the curve? Not that Aperture is some underground magazine or anything, but I don’t always get a chance to read it and I’m not a huge fan of Q&As generally, so who knows what made me read the interview of Kohei Yoshiyuki by Araki Nobuyoshi in the Aperture’s Fall issue. But I did, and I was glad I had when I made it to the Yoshiyuki opening at Yossi Milo last night. Because knowing a little about were and when and how these unsettling pictures were taken made the show my favorite of the night.

The black and white photos were taken in between TK and TK in a park in Tokyo. They capture on infrared film sexual rendezvous under the cloak of darkness, as well as the creepy voyeurs who hung around the park just waiting for this illicit behavior.