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Infrared imaging has been around almost as long as film, and it’s popular because it produces such striking images. With digital cameras, the effect must be either “faked” or reproduced by using post-processing methods. Some people use actual infrared filters that block visible light altogether, allowing only the infrared light to get through. This provides a much cleaner image with a truer infrared feel, but the infrared filter built into your digital camera makes composing difficult when the visible light is blocked.

Want a one-time solution to make your camera a true infrared image? For $250-$300 Life Pixel will remove the filter inside to allow your sensor to truly sense the infrared spectrum, in effect turning a regular camera into one that only shoots infrared. You can still take regular pictures by adding back an infrared blocking filter on the outside of your lens.

For those unwilling to shell out the bucks to have Life Pixel do it, the company is nice enough to provide DIY instructions.

Keep in mind though that this kind of tinkering with the inside of your camera will certainly void your warranty. Or you could buy a Sigma SD14.
—Matthew Panzarino
Contributing Blogger
Image from Life Pixel