This incredible list at presents an extensive list of Adobe Photoshop tips and secrets, many of them focused on keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier. Many of the tips are pretty basic, but there are some great gems that even longtime users might not have known. A couple of my favorites:

• If you want to straighten an image that is crooked (maybe from scanning), click on the eyedropper tool or hit the I key 3 times to get the ruler. Click on the left side of the straight edge, then the right side of the straight (but crooked) edge. The choose Image > Rotate Canvas > Arbitrary, Photoshop will give you the degrees of rotation you just click OK.

• When using the type tool you can okay it by pressing CTL + Enter (CMD + Enter on a Mac) instead of clicking on the check mark on the options.

• Need to locate a layer quick? Use the Move Tool (V) and right click on the area the object lays. There should now be a “cursor-menu” with all the layers in that area. Then select a layer and Ctrl-Click the layer in the Layer Palette.

Be sure to dig through the list to see what morsels you can find and use in your Photoshop workflow!
—Matthew Panzarino
Contributing Blogger