The War on Photographers continues…and apparently even celebrities aren’t immune to having their photos confiscated.
The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Tyneside, England, has recently been under fire for a series of explicit exhibits going up. Shortly before one exhibit was to be opened to the public, authorities were called in to remove one of the pieces and submit it to the Crown Prosecution Services for examination as possible child pornography.
It turns out that the controversial photograph is one of Nan Goldin’s and belongs to the private collection of Elton John. A longtime friend and admirer of Goldin (who is no stranger to controversy), the series that he contributed to the exhibit are part of a retrospective of never-viewed works taken from 1973 to 1999.
The gallery is still planning on going forward with the exhibition as planned, without the photo in question. Authorities have not yet said if and when Sir Elton is going to have the piece returned to him, but if that happens, but we think it’s gonna be a long, long time. Read more here
—Lori Fredrickson
Assistant Editor