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First impressions are everything, so no matter how amazing your shots are, no one is impressed by a CD with a hand-written label. If you’re shopping for a new printer, there are several, such as Epson’s new RX680 ($200, street) that print on coated CDs.

But if you’re shooting weddings or portraits and handing out a bunch of disks to clients, an option worth considering is DYMO‘s DiscPainter, available for $279 next month from Amazon.com and CDW.com. The small color printer, dedicated to CD and DVD printing, uses a spin printing technique. There are three print quality modes, and nine ink density settings for various coated disks. The best part of the system is the speed and ease of use, the included software is incredibly intuitive, and it can produce a 600 DPI image CD in about one minute.
_—__Kathleen Davis
Assistant Editor_