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While our art department finishes a couple of layouts I need to look at, I’ve been wasting time by experimenting with the flight simulator that is embedded in the latest version of Google Earth. Hmmm…I’ve also been scanning the Internet for news of interest to all photographers. Here’s a brief roundup:
* If you’re traveling to Nepal for a photographic excursion, by all means fly there on the Nepalese state-run airline. Recently the airline had some problems with one of it’s airplanes, so executives have sacrificed two goats to the Hindu sky god, Akash Bhairab. It couldn’t hurt (unless you’re a goat). Go here for details.
* Yet another celebrity has lost it and attacked a paparazzo. This time it’s Jude Law, who was arrested in London for scuffling with an unnamed photographer. Law should be thankful there are photographers who want to take pictures of him, because his movies usually suck. Go here.
*Buzzfeed.com reports that there is a new trend in scientific studies–more and more are merely pointing out the obvious. (Men prefer attractive women; rock stars die younger than other people; nerds stay virgins longer.) While I’ve been waiting for those layouts I’ve conducted a few similar studies with photographers…here are my results: 1) Most photographers always want to capture the “decisive moment”; 2) Most photographers think that their pictures are better than they really are; and 3) Most photographers want to have their pictures published in a magazine.

–David Schonauer