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Portrait and Wedding Photographer Matt Mendelsohn created a Photo Marathon fundraising session (in which he shoots portraits from morning to night nonstop) a few years ago in order to raise money for the children of journalist Michael Kelly who was killed in Iraq. Mendelsohn raised $14,000 at his first Photo Marathon and turned it into an annual event, raising money in the past years for tsunami relief and MS.

This year’s Photo Marathon will be held on Sunday September 30 at Mendelsohn’s studio in Alexandria, VA, and will benefit four children whose fathers were killed in Iraq. If you are in the area, you can stop by and get a portrait (of up to four people) taken and an 11×14 print for a donation of $250. If you don’t live near Virginia, you can still donate to the cause, or better yet, start your own Photo Marathon to benefit a cause you’re passionate about.
(Visit Mendelsohn’s Blog for more info)
—Melissa Macatee
Contributing Blogger