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The photograph here appeared in today’s New York Times. The picture, by Robert Spencer, shows the beaches and dunes of South Truro, Massachusetts, which of course were also captured in paintings by Edward Hopper, whose iconic house is seen at lower right. Spencer’s photo illustrates an article concerning residents of the area who are fighting a plan by one Donald Kline, who ridiculously wants to build a $6.75 million home on 9 acres of land next to Hopper’s house. I speak as elitist (though poverty-stricken) supporter of American art when I say that Kline should just find some other place to live–there are plenty of nice beaches in New England. More to the point, I wanted to show everyone Spencer’s lovely photo. It actually looks better in printed in the paper, where the ink oozes into the pulp and the image becomes totally Hopperesque. Unfortunately the Times didn’t take advantage of the image and ran it relatively small (about five inches across).
–David Schonauer