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Who says Internet chain e-mails are no good? From Columbus, Ohio, comes the heartwarming tale of a man who was reunited with his beloved digital camera via the World Wide Web. After Kevin John lost his camera at an Ohio State game and a woman named Michelle Montgomery found it, she uploaded one of his pictures and e-mailed it to 14 friends. The e-news went around, and around, and finally made its way to Kevin John, according to the Associated Press. The key picture was a photo Johns made with the esteemed school mascot, Brutus Buckeye — as pictured in a Columbus Dispatch story aptly called “Six Degrees of Brutus Buckeye.” Montgomery says the experience shows the Internet’s power to do good. “Think of the way we could use it if we wanted to do something meaningful and powerful in the world,” she says. (Like, say, getting an intelligent human back into the White House…) For his part, John says, “I think I’m going to put my name on the camera.” — Jack Crager