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I’m not sure where the connection lies between nudity and vegetarianism, but I tend to be open-minded about these things. Why not! Pamela Anderson undressed for a PETA promotion, and now Alicia Silverstone has done the same. There’s a television spot directed by Dave Meyers (below), and a print campaign. (At this time I don’t know who shot the stills, though I suspect the real genius was the digital retoucher.) To me the campaign seems a little silly, but you cannot underestimate the power that naked herbivores have over our culture. PETA (which is a “neo-terrorist” organization, according to this blog) knows how to get attention. The TV campaign was immediately banned in Texas, ostensibly over the nudity, but I suspect the controversy is more about meat than skin. Texas is for beef lovers (they’re called the Dallas Cowboys), and that’s a primal kind of thing.–David Schonauer