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One blinker makes an otherwise great group shot almost worthless. Sure, you can fix it later if you take a couple of shots, but prevention is easier and more time efficient.
MalekTips.com offers some help in an article via Lifehacker. Recommendations include taking some flash images to get people’s eyes used to the flash before taking the final image and trying to take the image in a well lit area that doesn’t require the flash that makes people want to blink in the first place.

These tips are OK but my personal experience has been that for one, people hate it when you flash them a lot and the more images you take, the more disinterested and bored looking your group becomes. And the bright, evenly lit area large enough for your group is ever elusive. So for those times where you must use the flash, count to three, but shoot on two! That way people are already holding their fake picture smiles, but they aren’t “prepared” for the flash and don’t blink in anticipation of the flash hurting their eyes. A little bit of misdirection always helps get the shot!

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—Matthew Panzarino
Contributing Blogger

_Image via flickr.com user J. McPherson via CC