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I recently took my camera for a swing.

I setup my camera’s interval timer to take picture while I was swinging, to get a shot at the swing’. This method allowed me to swing with both hands on the swing and get as many shots as I wanted.

Before I got on the swing, I set the ISO to 400, put the meter into Matrix mode, flipped the focus switch to manual, ad put set the camera into Aperture Priority. I then set the f-stop at 5.6. I figured that would provide a decent depth of focus if my 17-55mm lens was opened up to 17mm and focused at about 8 feet.

I then set my interval timer to take a picture every 3 seconds and would take a total of 45. I figured I could get at least one keeper – or learn a lesson. I learned a lesson the first time; take the lens cap off the camera. So then I tried again.

My camera has an interval timer mode built in, but this method can be accomplished using a remote that has an interval timer.

_—Ben McLeod
Contributing Blogger

Images via McLeod’s flickr_