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Cars can be tough to photograph, with shiny surfaces, lots of reflections, and so many angles to shoot from! Here are a few tips to get you started taking better car shots.

1. Shoot at a low angle. Unless you can shoot from 3 or 4 feet above the roofline of the car, taking a slightly-to-dramatically lower angle can make the car look more impressive, especially if you shoot it against a cloud-filled sky or evening skyline.

2. Never fire your flash directly. Flash fired straight at the car are your enemy: Every flaw in the paint will show up in high relief. Instead, move the flash off-camera and use side lighting to accentuate the lines of the car.

3. Wet the ground. This trick has been used since the dawn of the automotive age. Water increases the levels of contrast in the image and adds a reflection of your subject, creating a feeling of dimension.