When photographing at a crowded venue such as a car show or convention, it can be tough to get the shot that you want without crowds getting in the way. Recently, shooting a classic car show, I came across a man using a unique setup to get around the crowds. He had what appeared to be one leg of an extendible crutch with a camera-mounting plate attached to the top. With his camera and flash perched on top and a cable release wound down the leg and taped in a comfortable position, he was able to reach above the crowds standing around the cars to and grab shots at a high angle. Not only was he able easily get shots that I had to wait and grab between rushes, but his shots will have a uniquly high angle, one that most of the photographers there couldn’t get. Improvisation and invention win out every time when it comes to shooting in difficult situations.
—Matthew Panzarino
Contributing Blogger