The business aspect of selling photography on the web has become increasingly complex in recent years. If you’re a photographer who is interested or involved in selling images on the web, or operating a photography business with a web-commerce component, then this is a great opportunity.

The well-known stock photography site Photoshelter is hosting a free “town hall” meeting in several cities to discuss image buying and selling in the digital age. The free conferences are scheduled in New York (Sept 14), Atlanta (Sept 17), Chicago (Sept 19), Portland (Sept 24), San Francisco (Sept 26) and LA (Sept 28). The speakers include Chase Jarvis, Brian Meltz, David Banks, Laurie Wilson and many others.

The purpose of the series is to discuss “the impact of the Internet on the industry”— and judging from the speakers should be pretty interesting. For more, check out the sign-up page and the blog from the creators of Photoshelter.
_ —Matthew Panzarino
Contributing Blogger_