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It is a hot, muggy day in New York that started with a thunderstorm causing Grand Central Station to flood and stop train service. That in turn helped me decide to take a “work at home” day. And though it’s been a slow news day, I did come across a funny story with paparazzi pics of Rod Stewart on vacation in St. Tropez. One mean-spirited account compared him to actor Daniel Craig, who made a big impression in last year’s Casino Royale when he appeared in a revealing swimsuit. Okay, point made–Rod’s “If You Think I’m Sexy” days are behind him. But–and this is the interesting photographic angle–these photos may also provide evidence that counters a recent study showing that British people are becoming less genetically diverse! No way these guys came out of the same gene pool. Tomorrow, I promise…it’s back to work.
–David Schonauer