Today is the last day for public comment on the proposed photography and videography restrictions in New York City. And unsurprisingly, shooters haven’t taken the prospect of the limitations lying down.

In just over a week, Picture New York’s online petition has garnered over 30,000 signatures. But they’re not alone in opposing the potential restrictions; The National Press Photographers Association has also expressed their disapproval. And the little guys are getting in on it, too, a group of videographers released a comical rap video protesting the proposal’s restrictions on independent filmmakers.

New York Civil Liberties Union Associate Legal Director Christopher Dunn told Pop Photo, “If the City adopts the rules as proposed, we will sue to block them. Not only do they make no sense, they violate the First Amendment.”

If you want to chime in before the end of the day today, email Julianne Cho, Assistant Commissioner, Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting, at
—Kathleen Davis
Assistant Editor

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