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During the global vacation month of August, while some world leaders (such as French President Nicolas Sarkozy) have taken a confrontational stance against the paparazzi, Russian president Vladimir Putin is hamming it for the cameras. That wild and wacky Russian flexed his bare-chested muscles (left) while vacationing in Siberia last week, setting off an international media stir (as reported by Yahoo!). In the Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda Wednesday, the photo ran big with the headline “Be Like Putin,” along with a workout guide for those who want a torso like Vladimir’s. (What’s next, a shorts-clad Dubya with biking tips?) Pravda also included quotes of women “screaming with delight and showering [Putin] with compliments.” If the 54-year-old Russian prez does step down next year as promised, he can take up a second career as a swimsuit model. — Jack Crager