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No matter how thrilling it is or isn’t, Conde Nast’s new business title, Portfolio, has already been relegated to the dustbin of history by New York’s media critics. The second issue is just hitting the newsstands, but you can already see the sharks circling the magazine. To be sure, there is blood in the water: Recent stories about staff firings have provided fodder for newspaper gossip pages and snarky bloggers. Now it’s the photography that is irritating people. New York Post media writer Keith J. Kelly takes exception to the new issue’s cover image of a car assembly line. Please see Kelly’s final note: Somehow, in this image we are to witness “the problems of a magazine aimed at white men in suits.” He might as well have said the magazine needs a little pimping out. Suggestions, anyone? This is your chance to be the photo editor of a major Conde Nast mag! Celebrities sipping lattes in paparazzi photos do seem to help all those magazines not aimed at white men in suits…go here to find out why.
–David Schonauer