To: POP Editor
Subject: Dia-gital

Dear Sir,

I may be an old-timer (I started reading Pop Photo back in the 1950s and my first “serious” camera was a Nettax Zeiss), but I love the freedom of the digital photography. I even had a darkroom, but I always found taking pictures more rewarding than sweating in the dark. So I took almost exclusively slides, from Kodachrome 10 to Ektachrome high speed, through Ansco 400. With slides, the picture was either OK or went in the trash. Now with digital photography, those skilled in Photoshop can save almost any photo. I think it would be interesting to see pictures in your magazine as they were taken, with in-camera changes permitted, but no computer manipulation. Is it a stupid idea? Let me know.

Yours truly,
Augusto M Damonte
Turin, Italy