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Simon Bainbridge, editor of the British Journal of Photography, just notified me that their BJP International Photography Award is once again calling for entries, so I thought I would pass along the details. Certainly not a dilettante’s competition, the award is given for a complete body of work, a “substantial series,” that will be displayed in the The Association Gallery in London and published as a book by Spectrum Photographic. The winner also gets a Linhof Master Technika Classic 4×5 large-format camera, plus accessories, worth more than $11,400 (I told you they weren’t messing around). And don’t forget: “The judges…will be looking for a complete, coherent series of images (rather than a portfolio of unrelated pictures) able to carry the two-floor gallery. The series must equate as single body of work – either stylistically or thematically.” Entry details here.
~Miki Johnson

(Photo: © Charlie Crane, from last year’s winning series, Welcome to Pyongyang_)_