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It is no secret that new French president Nicolas Sarkozy is a big fan of the American way of doing things. Apparently that includes vacationing. Very much like our own president, Sarkozy seems to like blitzing around New England waters in speed boats. In the Frenchman’s case, that water is Lake Winnipesaukee, in New Hampshire, which is where this picture of Sarkozy were made recently. Two photographers, Jim Cole of AP and freelancer Vince DeWitt, spotted Sarkozy and started photographing him, which, as you’ll see here, really set the man off.

In his own country Sarko has established a friendly network of high-level media executives and owners that has largely insulated him from unintended scrutiny. France also has strict anti-privacy privacy laws that we don’t have here. If he wants to vacation in this country, Sarko had better get used to our press. Even George W. knows enough to let the photo dogs of the press corp take pictures of him when he’s having a good time.
–David Schonauer