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Assistant Editor and novice shooter Kathleen Davis challenges herself to take her photography to the next level. What amateurs and pros alike can learn along with her.

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Techniques of Natural Light Photography taught by Jim Zuckerman


Zuckerman discussed how angled light effects a photo, providing both more texture and diminishing the contrast between shadows and highlights. He gave various examples of landscapes and portraits shot both in harsh mid-day sun and during the golden hours around sunset and sunrise. To help us figure out how to accomplish what he was talking about, he also covered how to meter properly for various types of light.

Our assignment: Submit pairs of before and after photos that show any subject in both drab light and dramatic early morning/sunrise or late afternoon/sunset lighting.

After the jump, my photos with Zuckerman’s critiques.

(Above Photo: Water towers in Brooklyn, NY at sunset— one of my first attempts at the dramatic natural light assignment)