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As a native of Michigan, I was intrigued to see the press release for the dark satirical calendar, Dying Michigan ($8, direct, plus shipping) cross my desk. The calendar features 12 black-and-white photos of symbols of the problems with life in the great lakes state. Its creator, John C. Griffith says he made the calendar to highlight the “harsh realities” of life in Michigan, including lack of healthcare, crime rates, and unemployment.

While his intention to draw notice to ills of his home state might have been well meaning, the product falls catastrophically short. The symbolism in all 12 photographs is weak and obvious at best, and the photos themselves show little technical knowledge.

Griffith reportedly sent copies of Dying Michigan to Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, unsurprisingly with no response.
—Kathleen Davis
Assistant Editor