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Canon has updated their most popular off-camera shoe cord for their TTL flashes. The new OC-E3 cord ($75, street) makes some nice improvements on Canon’s older design. New, sturdier metal shoes provide a more stable platform for flashes mounted on flipping brackets, fixing the old cracking issue that mounts under stress were prone to. In addition they have added a rubber boot that mates up with the newer hot shoes to add some water resistance, especially with the new Mark III. The lock mechanism has been greatly improved, with a lever lock rather than the old screw down nut, which was always wearing and stripping. The old cords also had a tendency to get loose as the screws backed out of the recessed screw holes with use, causing misfires and eventually falling apart. My quick fix for that was to put a dab of loctite adhesive on the end of the screws when I would get a new one. We’ll see if the fancy new one ends up with the same issues.

—Matthew Panzarino
Contributing Blogger