Many of our readers no doubt have already heard of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting‘s proposal to enact draconian restrictions on photographers and filmmakers, including requiring a permit for shoots on city streets and onerous liability insurance policies. We first wrote about it here and have more on it here, including info on the groups opposing the plan and petition drives aimed at stopping the erosion of photographers’ rights.

Now the movement has it’s own rap jingle. Our good friend, photographer Monte Isom, sent us this hilarious video, where a white rap duo laments the proposed changes and reminds people that the deadline for registering complaints to the city is Aug. 3 (register your complaint with Julianne Cho at

Like the rappers say, if we don’t stop these rules from being enacted, we’ll just have to shoot from New Jersey with a really good zoom lens.

-Jay DeFoore