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Just got an e-mail from Leonardo DiCaprio. (Not every day Leo drops a line.) This was actually through the network of johnkerry.com, the online community Kerry put together during his 2004 presidential run that keeps on ticking along as if Kerry’s running again this year. Kerry invited DiCaprio to publicize his new movie: The 11th Hour, touted as a “call-to-arms” for the environmental movement (sort of An Inconvenient Truth with extra dollops of drama and charisma). Apparently it’s the 11th hour for the film’s nationwide debut — it opens in several cities today (although it already started its run in New York City and Los Angeles, according to the movie’s Website).

Anyway, DiCaprio’s intense efforts on this film may explain why he did not have time to take part in our environmental issue of American Photo, which is out now. Leo was certainly asked — as part of a story in which we surveyed noted environmentalists about photographs that inspired them to take up the global cause. DiCaprio was busy, but we did get fascinating answers from the likes of Al Gore’s wife Tipper, journalist Tom Brokaw, Senator Barbara Boxer, primatologist Jane Goodall, and Wild Kingdom cohost Jim Fowler (who named “Earthrise–Apollo 8,” above, as his inspirational photo). Can’t wait to see DiCaprio’s movie. For a trailer, try this link. — Jack Crager