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I’ve always found landscape photography difficult. Capturing the beauty of nature is tricky, and the images often fall short of what I saw. Digital Photography School has 11 tips for great landscape photos. After reading them, I realized that the errors I make are easy to avoid. Next time, I’ll follow their advice, and hopefully get some great shots. Here are my favorites:

Use a tripod: Since you’ll be shooting with a small aperture, you’ll need a longer shutter speed. Keep the shot crisply focused with a tripod (and if you can, a cable release).
Remember the Elements of Art:** Specifically, line. Back in high school art classes you learned the elements of art and principles of design. By keeping lines in mind (where are they taking the eye?) you will get a more interesting shot with depth, scale, and focus.

Work with the weather: Yes, sunny days are pretty. But overcast days,storm clouds, and dark skies can be much more interesting. Think about how you can use less than perfect weather conditions to add drama and mood to your shots. (Photo by hkvam) _

—Marnie Soman
Editorial Intern