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Today’s New York Times carries a story about two Reuters journalists were killed Thursday while covering a clash between American soldiers and Shiite militias in Baghdad. One of the two, Namir Noor-Eldeen, was a photographer. The other dead journalist, Saeed Chmagh, was a driver.
Meanwhile, the New York Times website is carrying a late-breaking story about one of its own employees, Khalid W. Hassan, who was killed earlier today in Baghdad. The circumstances of Hassan’s death remained unclear in the hours after his death. The two Reuters journalists were killed when troops in an American helicopter fired into an area where the pair had just gotten out of their car (above, photo by Ali Abbas/European Pressphoto Agency). At least 16 other people were also killed in the incident.
According to Times, at least 110 journalists and 40 media support staff have been filled since the 2003 American invasion. The vast majority of those have been Iraqis.
—David Schonauer