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No one likes carrying light stands around for portable strobes. They’re Light bulky, clunky and heavy. I can fit four strobes into my bag without too much fudging, but it takes another whole bag, usually a big coffin-style one with wheels, to lug around the stands.

Enter Manfrotto’s Stacker Stands. Small, compact and designed to stack and strap together, these stands have been my savior for carrying around three or four stands to locations.

They’re relatively lightweight and steady enough to hold most portable strobes, but the real kicker comes when you pack them away. Because of the way the legs fold, they actually fit together Lincoln Logs style, saving lots of space in my bag. Two to three stackers fit in the space of one of my normal size light stands, allowing me to carry one less bag.

In addition to taking up far less space, they also strap together using attached rubber grommets that prevent them from rattling around in the bag. This way, when you pull them out of the bag on location after the bag tumbling around in your trunk or on the subway, you don’t look so much like a contortionist sideshow and more like a real photographer.
—Matthew Panzarino
Contributing Blogger