If the scene is too big to fit into even your widest angle, try these tips for shooting a series for a photostitched panorama:

•Use a tripod to ensure that the shots align well.

•Turn off Autofocus—a change in focal distance between shots can mess up your panorama.

•Use a preset white balance, not Auto White balance, to keep colors similar for all shots.

• Keep the camera level, and skip the rule of thirds. Put the horizon in the middle of the frame to minimize perspective problems.

•Turn the camera vertically to get more top-to-bottom coverage. You’ll need more vertical photos to stitch together for your pano, but you won’t miss the top of that bridge by shooting with vertical framing.

Adapted from Shooting Digital, Pro Tips for Taking Great Pictures with Your Digital Camera, Second Edition by Mikkel Aaland (Sybex, 2007, $40)