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I bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX07 ($250,street). With the Leica lens and good battery life, it’s a dandy little camera. I noticed an interesting feature. Ergonomically, it’s sometimes desirable to shoot with the camera in an upside-down position. This allows right-handed and better stabilization in tricky situations.
In this position, the shutter can be released using the thumb from the underside of the camera. When doing this, I noticed the digital display shows an image right-side up although the camera is upside-down! When I turn the camera right-side up to its normal position and activate Review, the image also displays right-side up and downloads in the same manner.
I called Panasonic to discuss this feature and they asked, ‘what’s wrong with the camera?” I replied not only is there nothing wrong but this is a nice surprise. Has anyone else observed the same results with this camera?

—Mike MacKinnon
West Hartford, CT