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Isn’t technology great? Not only can you use image-editing software to put yourself next to Brad Pitt on your holiday cards, but now you also can see what you’d look like if you lost your love handles—no software experience required.

Upload a photo on WeightView.com, along with your age, height, current weight, and how many pounds you’d like to lose, and they’ll send you back a photo of a slimmer you within 48 hours (for free). Their claim to fame is that they take body proportions and the amount of weight that participants want to lose into consideration and use these calculations to provide a more accurate portrayal of what you’d look like if lost a little weight (the max weight loss you can enter is “20+ LBS”).

The idea is that looking at a photo of a thinner version of yourself taped to the fridge will motivate you to exercise more and eat less (WeightView.com offers tips, of course). But you might just be tempted to paste it on your holiday cards.

(Before and after photos above of “Lisa from NY” via weightview.com.)

—Kathleen Davis
Assistant Editor