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For the past several years, I’ve been playing around with taking pictures while driving. I know how that sounds – and I make it as safe as possible. Seriously!

I attempted several setups until finding one that worked best. These days I use a Gitzo 1325 tripod and a Markins M10 ballhead. The combination is rock-steady and keeps my camera practically locked into the frame of my car. The blur comes from motion, while the interior of the car stays in crisp focus.

With the super adjustable legs, I can get the tripod almost anywhere. I just open the legs down as hard as I can and tighten them in place.

I almost always use a 100 ISO. I set the camera to manual exposure and generally set the f-stop to somewhere between 7.1 and 11 and the shutter speed to ‘bulb.’ I set the focus to manual and pre-focus the lens on the dashboard.

I’ve found the best subject to be the tollbooth. I drive though twice a night, play around with the shutter speeds, and take lots of pictures.

—Ben McLeod
Contributing Blogger

Images by Ben McLeod

_(ed. note: Ben wrote a You Can Do It feature in the March 2006 issue about driving photos)