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Coolest-Gadgets.com reported this past week on two cool, fun new cameras.

Sanyo has a new waterproof camcorder that looks just like any “regular old tiny camcorder,” without clunky cases. The “pistol-grip” design makes one-handed shooting easy. The camcorder comes in white, blue, or yellow, it can be submerged up to 1.5 meters, and can be held underwater for an hour at a time. Switch to stills mode to take digital 6-megapixel snapshots. The camcorder runs $500, street.

Also new is the Minox DC 7022 (price not announced). In the race to get digital compacts tinier and tinier, Minox throws its hat in the ring with this super slim and small (it measures 94.5mm x 55mm x 23 mm) 124-gram lightweight. It also features: 7 megapixels, 4x zoom, and a 3-inch diagonal color monitor that fills most of the back of the camera.

If you have some extra cash and are looking for a new photography toy, look into these two fun cameras that are sure to make for some enjoyable summer days.

—Marnie Soman
Editorial Intern