Where to Go and What to See

(Photo:/Courtesy Hasted Hunt)

So I'm bummed I missed so many great openings and events over the last couple weeks (but I was traveling in Europe, so I guess I can't really complain)...but I'm ecstatic to be back just in time for Martin Parr's show at Hasted Hunt and the myriad other Magnum Festival events going on this month. Check out the festival website for a full list of shows, receptions, and film screenings being held around New York. I'm also really interested to see Yossi Milo's new show called _June Brid_e , which brings together photos from many different times, cultures, and photographers to document, you guessed it, weddings. (I think it will be more subversive than that makes it sound.) And then there is The Festival of the Photograph, Nick Nichols' backyard-slideshow-turned-full-blown-photography-fest in Charlottesville, Virginia. Senior editor Russell Hart should be keeping us up to date on this year's inaugural festivities -- if the humidity and partying don't get him first, of course.

~Miki Johnson

(Photo: © Ed Van der Elsken, "Belgie 1968 (Twins)"/Courtesy Hasted Hunt)