Where to Go and What to See

~Miki Johnson

Personally, I'm very excited this week to see the show Martin Parr has curated at Hasted Hunt as part of the ongoing Magnum Festival. Parr is known for his inventive use of bright, saturated colors, and this exhibition, titled Colour Before Color, is bound to be a similar feast for the eyes. Jen Bekman's new group show, A New American Portrait, also looks like a winner. Bekman has a sharp eye for young talents, and together with co-curator (and insightful photography blogger) Joerg Colberg has created a promising show (including American Photo's Images of the Year winner Amy Elkins). Plus I'm eager to see where they both come down on contemporary portraiture (if you, too, are interested in portraiture, be sure not to miss our past feature on photography's top portraitists).

Follow the link for details about these and many more photography events around the world.

~Miki Johnson

(Photo: ©John Hinde: Butlin's Ayr: _Lounge Bar and Indoor Heated Pool (Ground)/Courtesy Hasted Hunt_ )