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No, not in the garbage—in the air. Try camera tossing, where you toss your (least expensive and least favorite) camera in the air just before the shutter opens. The goal is to get your camera to capture a pattern you could not create while holding it in hand, so range—not height—is the goal. The results will be unpredictable, beautiful and abstract.

If you get some you like, you can share them in the camera toss group on flickr. And don’t forget to check out Ryan Gallagher’s camera toss blog that we mentioned in The Goods back in March, there you can find everything related to the art of tossing your camera.

Just remember to toss, not throw your camera and of course, catch it. If your reflexes aren’t reliable, set up a safe landing, and since accidents are always possible, (and frankly, quite probable), don’t experiment using the brand new DSLR you just poured your savings into. (photo from flickr camera toss group)
—Marnie Soman
Editorial Intern_