As someone who can’t seem to remember the things that I need at the moment, this article got me thinking. In it, Lifehacker editor Gina Trapani explains how you can use your camera phone to document and then upload pieces of easily forgettable information in your daily life. Things like business cards, serial numbers or even wine labels. This idea appealed to me immensely and I have done this for quite some time with my pocket point-and-shoot.

Being a photographer, I have accumulated an immense amount of equipment that is worth much more than my wife thinks it is, and I use the point & shoot to take pictures of all of my equipment and their serial numbers for insurance purposes. When dealing with your adjuster in case of a fire or theft, simple photographic evidence streamlines your restitution process considerably. This goes for any photo equipment or even home electronics, just snap a quick pic as you acquire the equipment to avoid any headaches later!
_—Matthew Panzarino
Contributing Blogger