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Here’s something that’s part toy camera and part inspired vision for the future. Sony has unveiled the Spin N’ Snap, a concept digital camera, as part of a showcase in this week for its ODO design project group, which focuses on imaginatively using recycled materials, minimal packaging, and green energy sources to ultimately inspire end-user creativity. The Spin N’ Snap is a kinetic energy powered digital point-and-shoot.

Two finger holes allow the user to safely rotate the camera in a spinning wheel fashion, which charges the internal battery, and then when it’s ready, the holes become a stereo viewfinder for the centered lens. The designer, Hiroshi Nakamura, hopes that the camera will eventually offer video capture (for now, that’s another design – the “Crank N’ Capture”), and that the fun nature of the kinetic camera will appeal to adults as well as children. However, the last thing I’d want to be doing if I saw a shot I needed to take, but was low on camera power, would be to “sit and spin.”

Other designs on display include a small video display called the “Push Power Play” box, which charges when you roll it across a flat surface, and a solar charger that unfolds from a unit the size of a juice box.(via Endgadget)
_— Michael Gaudet
Contributing Blogger