You have a hard drive full of pictures: vacation shots, family gatherings, studio work, the list goes on. How do you go through them all? Where do you start? There are some amazing programs out there to help you get organized.

A user friendly and cost efficient approach is Camera Bit’s Photo Mechanic software ($150). As a browser, it isn’t for editing your images but for sorting and organizing them—you can tag them, color code them or rate them and can add metadata to each file. You can sort by a variety of ways and rename the files. Everyone has their own work flow but the key is you can sort through the images quickly, easily and organize them in an orderly way.

Adobe’s Lightroom has some of the same attributes but goes a step further with image processing. Lightroom’s price tag has recently gone up from the short-term introductory price of $199 to $299. The unique thing about Lightroom is your edits are not done to the actual files but shows you what the changes would look like almost like one of those computerize aging programs you see yourself age right in front of your eyes. To read more about Adobe Lightroom, check out our reviews here, and here.
_—Melissa Macatee
Contributing Blogger