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When I arrived at Teatro Circo Price this morning to see the winners of the Fondation HSBC por la Photographie award, I was already very familiar with one honoree. I had seen much of Julia Fullerton-Batten‘s work during the selection process for American Photo’s 2007 Images of the Year Competition, in which she was awarded a prize for her editorial work. The images by Fullerton-Batten at the Teatro were from her personal projects, which rely heavily on her training as an editorial and commercial photographer, employing the lighting, makeup, and casting of that industry. In her photos from the Teenage Stories series, adolescent girls are shown among detailed miniatures of highways, cities, or shipping ports. But while the girls are big enough to wreak havoc on the toy-like worlds around them, they instead are shown in attitudes of pain, bewilderment, and disaffection. Seeing the series in beautifully made oversize prints (as it was surely meant to be seen), I was struck again by the subtly disturbing way the girls are shown as both powerful and stranded—doubtlessly due in large part to the world of fashion that Fullerton-Batten references.