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Or is it Round Three? We can’t keep track. The online gossip columnist who famously lifts images off of paparazzi-agency Websites has been having a bitter feud with said agencies, as you can imagine. His prime adversary is the X-17 agency, which has sued Hilton (real name: Mario Lavandeira) for copyright infringement. The feud grew more intense last week when the host of Hilton’s Website shut him down (briefly) after pressure from various agencies.

Now Hilton is fighting back by suing the X-17 agency, claiming that it unfairly competes against his blog by employing illegal aliens that physically threaten the competition. Go here for the entire story.

So let’s have a vote: In the world of sin that is Hollywood, who is the greatest sinner, the light-fingered gossip blogger or the thuggish paparazzi agency? While the question sounds funny, the outcome may potentially have real meaning as media comes to grips with concepts like copyright and fair use of rights-protected material by bloggers.
–David Schonauer