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Your light meter is probably the most under-used piece of equipment in your camera bag. In this digital world with LCDs and even live histograms on the back of digital cameras, everyone from amateurs to pros photographers seem to have forgotten one of the cardinal rules of photography: Never trust your camera’s meter!

As digital photography has grown, so has the sophistication and accuracy of light meters. Many meters, like [Sekonic's L-758DR](http://www.sekonic.com/products/products_features.asp?ID=130/)  ($500, street) even offer [camera-specific profiling](http://www.sekonic.com/profiles/Exp_Profiling_Quick_Guide_v2.doc/), which loads a specific exposure curve and characteristic into the meter, to make your exposures even more true to your equipment, even warning you when you exceed the shadow or highlight range of your sensor.