The recently introduced Canon Mark III SLR has been hotly anticipated, but is it really all it has been built up to be? It seems most of the initial releases of Canon’s Mark line cameras have some sort of issue with focus. I personally am sitting on a soft-focusing Mark II. Executive Technology Editor Michael J. McNamara did a review of the camera and had good results.

In the field the big question in the last week has been, how’s the focus? Deliveries have been made and the early reports are in that Canon has finally gotten it right. The Mark III has been spot-on with focus. There are mixed reports about how quickly the focus adjusts. Some have had the first frame in a sequence a little off, as far as I am concerned that is not that unusual. Others have been very pleased with the first frame being a keeper. The controls have been moved a bit but that is just part of having a new camera. If you have been waiting for Canon to get the focus right and you are sitting on some serious cash this just could be your camera.

—Melissa Macatee