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In case you missed it in the flurry of events this month for Magnum’s new festival and 60th anniversary celebration, the revered photo agency has opened up portfolio reviews to interested photographers. Now, like most portfolio reviews, some money will have to change hands ($250 now, $300 after June 13), but the return would seem to be worth it: a sit-down with three Magnum photographers targeted to your expressed area of interest (book publishing, editorial publishing, fine-art, commercial), a free 20×24 digital print from sponsor HP, and, most importantly, the rare opportunity to build a relationship with some of photography’s best-respected shooters. Reviewers will include Larry Towell, Alec Soth, Susan Meiselas, Trent Parke, David Alan Harvey, Jim Goldberg, and Mark Power. A few more may even be brought on to handle the high volume of participants, which right now is not being capped.

~Miki Johnson